• Two big auto lenders rethink their fee structure

    Two lenders who ditched dealer reserve in favor of flat fees, when the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau favored the latter, have revised their policies.

  • Another reinvention for AxleTech

    Detroit's heavy-duty and off-road axle and brake maker AxleTech is being reborn as a supplier to electric garbage trucks, buses and construction vehicles.

  • Continental bracing for a world of bugs

    Continental needs software engineers. There will be a world of software bugs to keep them busy.

  • Adient stumbles, but barrels ahead

    Adient reported a painful financial quarter, but more than a year into its makeover, the seating giant is determined to stay focused on future products.

  • Will scandal cripple the UAW, or transform it?

    UAW dissidents see the situation as an opportunity for profound change. They're urging rank-and-file members to "take back" the union from leaders they claim are overly willing to comply with employers' requests.

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