Pusha T Vows To Make An Example Out Of Perp Behind Recent Leaks

A few unsolicited Pusha T tracks have been hitting the Internet, including a most recent leak tentatively titled "Success & Nightmares" appearing this weekend shortly after Push personally previewed his own "Puppets" track.

He took to social media to clear the air about the leak, declaring that once a track is old to him, he doesn't care much about a leak. With the revelation, however, he leaves behind a stern warning that whoever is behind the leaks will still have to suffer the consequences on principle alone.

"[All] the leaks is cute, i don’t care for real cause once music is old to me it doesn’t matter," He began in a tweet. "But i promise u this, if i find out who is leaking it i will make a decent example out of u...and no one can stop it, no Kanye, nobody! Just cause u think u can play with me."

Earlier in the summer, Push's "Coming Home" selection with Lauryn Hill was also subject to a leak before its official arrival and prior to that, Kanye West's initial YANDHI effort was scrapped after a leak in April.  "Luckily we are talented beyond measure and can always cook up more," Push would say of that leak. "But I honestly hate it for the sake of making an event of a song or project, it ruins all that we have in store for u guys.” 

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